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Salt Lake City Area Training

As of August 2010, Brian McCormick Training Systems will be located in Irvine, CA during the summer and Salt Lake City, UT during the school year. BMTS will offer two different individual and small group training programs:

180 Shooter
An individual, progressive shooting program based around the 180-Shooter: a player whose combined free throw, field goal and three-point percentages total 180.

The program progresses based around a player's success in consecutive workouts, with each shot tracked and drills done according to the player's ability. This is a gradual program to develop successful shooters over the long term, not a quick fix program. Program starts with movement skills and form shooting and progresses through to step-back jump shots, freeze jumpers and more.

Hard 2 Guard
The Hard 2 Guard is a more traditional workout for post or perimeter workouts.

The post workout covers finishing around the basket, low, mid and high post moves, creating space, finger tip control, rebounding, shooting and more.

The perimeter workout covers general ball handling, open court moves, finishing at the basket, a short shooting progression and more.

Group workouts combine the individual training with tactical elements like getting open, finding and creating a passing lane, creating space for a shot, using a screen and more.

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National Clinics

Brian McCormick Training Systems is available to bring the Hard2Guard Clinic or 180-Shooter Program to your school, league or camp.

Prices vary depending on location and clinics can be used as a program fundraiser. Typically, the most economical solution is to run two clinics in a weekend. Each clinic runs 6-8 hours. The best solution has been to run one clinic in the morning on Saturday and Sunday (varsity players/boys) and one in the afternoon (frosh-soph/girls).

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"Coach McCormick's books are a must read for anyone in the game of basketball at any level. The books are packed with information that is necessary for improvement"
-Josh Pastner, University of Arizona Assistant Coach

Follow this link to the latest books authored by Brian McCormick.

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